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Connection, assistance and job opportunities!

We are dedicated to provide connection between companies and virtual secretaries. This is done in order to reduce expenses in companies and at the same time provide job opportunities to more people, from the comfort of their home and with a high performance in their activities.

We find the ideal virtual assistant for your company.

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    Our services:


    Answering Services:

    We have personnel available if your needs are only to have a staff member answer your call, regardless of the time frames that are needed.


    Virtual Assistant:

    We have personnel available if you need to have a full or part time assistant that will handle all of you inbound/outbound calls, emails, appointments, reminders, etc.


    Other Clerical Solutions:

    We have personnel available if your needs are geared into more specific tasks. For example, we can provide staff members for needs such as data entry, quickbooks, document/contract preparation, among others.

    Our clients have the opportunity to hire an assistant that can manage a company-assistant rapport, all in a virtual way. Facilitating the hiring process and saving costs for those who hire and the salaries of new assistants, as well as the convenience of virtual assistants to work and develop correctly in their work environment.

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    We offer:


    Packages from $ 850.


    Plans according to your needs.

    As economic uncertainty is always present worldwide, we at TCI, bring a top-class service for companies to be able to reduce capital expenditures such as payroll and overhead.