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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional staffing often involves a range of tasks, including but not limited to, coordinating appointments, handling phone calls, organizing travel arrangements, and overseeing email accounts. Moreover, certain virtual employees possess specialized skills in areas like graphic design, blog writing, bookkeeping, social media management, and marketing, offering a diverse array of services.

Utilizing professional staffing services can enhance your ability to manage customer relations effectively. This includes addressing incoming inquiries, managing phone calls and emails, offering technical support and live chat services, updating information on your website, and overseeing user conversations across various social platforms.

Remote employees typically offer a more cost-effective solution compared to hiring full-time on-site employees. They provide the flexibility to handle multiple tasks across various facets of your business. We, at TelecInternational are dedicated to locating professional remote staff, and streamlining the hiring process to ensure the best fit for your business.

Step 1:    Determine the specific need or identify the position that needs to be filled.
Step 2: Create a job description. (if you don´t know how to do it just jump to step 3 and we will help you).
Step 3: Contact us.
Step 4: We select our top candidates that best meet your requirements
Step 5: We schedule interviews with you and the candidates.
Step 6: You just choose the best candidate for you and we take care of the rest so You can do step 7.
Step 7: Enjoy working shoulder to shoulder with your new partner!

Navigating the dynamics of a virtual staff relationship demands thoughtful consideration, particularly during the early phases. This principle holds for professional associations, whether conducted in a shared office or remotely. We advocate for the gradual development of trust before divulging sensitive information, such as passport copies or credit card details, to your professional staff. Sound judgment remains paramount in all business contexts, regardless of their virtual nature. Moreover, be assured that we will oversee the hiring process and closely monitor the activities of your professional staff, offering support to ensure you are not navigating this endeavor alone.

Yes, we do. We are more than willing to provide virtual bilingual professional staffing; we want to find the best fit for every position you may need.

As many as you want or need. TelecInternational will provide professional staffing for all your needs and budget.

If your professional remote staff encounters difficulty understanding assigned tasks, it is essential to identify key points and communicate them effectively. Employ various methods, including new training sessions, Zoom meetings, checklists, the provision of standard operating procedures (SOPs), and even instructional videos to ensure clarity and comprehension.

If the final candidates or interviewed candidates selected by Telec do not meet your preferences or the desired skill set, we are committed to ongoing search efforts to find the best fit for the position based on your interests. In the event you remain unsatisfied with the candidates, we offer a complimentary trial month to evaluate the selected candidate while we continue the search for the ideal match.