Telec International

How It Works

Identify the need we aim to address

We arrange a meeting to comprehensively understand your requirements and address any queries you may have regarding our services. Using the job profile as a guide, we delineate the key aspects that our prospective candidates should encompass, including the desired profile, skills, knowledge, and other pertinent factors.

Sign your monthly contract

Upon your agreement by signing the contract, we will seamlessly proceed with the recruitment process.




We search for the right profile

Our selection team, guided by the Job Profile document and the insights gathered from our initial meeting, will actively seek out a pool of candidates aligned with your specific requirements and expectations. Our goal is to present your company with the most qualified and suitable candidates.

We assess the top five candidates

Upon completing our evaluation, we proceed to identify the top 5 candidates. We will promptly share comprehensive information about these individuals, including their resumes. If necessary, you can request additional documents to substantiate the provided information. We await your confirmation regarding the candidates you choose to interview.

Let’s schedule interviews!

We understand the importance of your schedule and will coordinate the interviews at your convenience. Our aim is to facilitate the process promptly, allowing you to select your ideal candidate as efficiently as possible.

Proceed with the payment of your invoice!

Our billing department will generate your initial invoice. We kindly request payment prior to the agreed-upon start date. Upon receipt of payment, we will initiate the onboarding process for your remote employee. Once the induction is successfully completed, we're ready to commence work!

Invest your time in what matters most; we’ll take care of the rest!

Our primary focus is enabling you to invest your time in the most valuable activities. By collaborating closely with our experts, we are confident in sourcing the best talent that can offer the security and peace of mind you seek. Furthermore, we are committed to providing ongoing support in training, monitoring, and managing the assigned activities.