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It’s a turbocharged sidekick. From intuitive problem-solving to instant efficiency, It’s is your gateway to a smarter, more connected future.  Transform your daily routine into a seamless symphony.

The billing assistant that turns complexity into simplicity. Seamlessly choreographing your financial interactions, it’s not just an assistant; it’s your ticket to a streamlined, stress-free financial journey. 

Lightning-fast and intelligent, this ally transforms your data world, ensuring accuracy and efficiency with every keystroke. Elevate your workflow with the future of streamlined data management.

With a blend of expertise and empathy, they transform each call into a personalized experience, ensuring your needs are met with precision and care.

The driving force behind your brand’s success. With a blend of creativity and data-driven precision, they transform ideas into art, ensuring your brand stands out in the crowded landscape. 

The creative powerhouse behind your visual identity. Beyond a mere designer, with an eye for detail and a passion for innovation, they transform every project into a visual masterpiece.

If you’re seeking assistance with administrative duties, handling social media, managing emails, supporting customers, or any other task, our team is ready to offer dependable and effective support.

  • Telemarketing / Sales 
  • Web Developers
  • Technology

Elevate your nonprofit organization to unprecedented levels.

Build a flourishing organization and enhance your influence through the support and expertise of skilled remote workers.

Telec International is committed to facilitating connections between businesses and high-caliber Remote Employees. Our emphasis lies in assisting companies to minimize capital expenses, particularly in payroll and overhead, especially during challenging economic periods. We take pride in our steadfast dedication to security, trust, and quality, meticulously handling each aspect. Our comprehensive services encompass answering services and a spectrum of administrative solutions.

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Colabria Foundation

“We are proud to partner with you to meet our organization’s ever-growing staffing demands. Your Assistants are a key part of our success and we are always recommending you to other nonprofits.”

 -Sienna Leis, Board Member

Techno Group

“I highly recommend Telec International for their exceptional personalized staffing solutions. Their deep understanding of our needs, superior candidate selection, and outstanding customer service have significantly boosted our company’s success. They’ve saved us time and helped us build a motivated, skilled workforce that seamlessly integrates into our team. Telec is an invaluable partner, and I’m confident they can bring the same success to any organization. Thank you Telec International for your outstanding service and dedication.”

 – Michelle Garrido, CEO

Lab District.

“I have had the privilege of working with the remote workers at Telec International, and I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of their work.

Communication within the remote teams is seamless, workers are always easy to reach and reliable. I always feel respect and commitment, as the company has strong corporate values.

One standout aspect is the remarkable time management skills demonstrated by the remote workers. They maintain a structured work schedule, meet deadlines consistently, and show a high level of dedication to their tasks. This disciplined approach ensures that projects are completed efficiently.


In summary, Telec International has set a remarkable example of how to manage remote workers successfully. Their approach encompasses communication, time management, clear expectations, technology support, and trust. It’s evident that remote workers are thriving in this environment, and their performance is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence in remote work practices.”

 – Edgar Martinez,  Operational Manager